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CLVR for Individuals

CLVR brings large fleet discounts to the everyday UK motorist:our operations centre staff arrange new cars for thousands of satisfied motorists every year. 

We are not a lender - CLVR is a credit broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

All our cars are brand new and come direct to you from authorised UK dealers and with full manufacturer warranties. 

And best of all our daily updated special offers can save you £000's against regular prices.

Leasing for the first time?

You'll find CLVR make it easy and straight-forward: 

  1. GET A QUOTE on your chosen car, you can do this on-line or by phone 
  2. COMPLETE A PROPOSAL FORM on-line so we can arrange credit for the required amount. 
  3. FINALISE YOUR ORDER: select your colour, any extras etc on the order form we e-mail to you. 
  4. CHECK & SIGN THE LEASE AGREEMENT we e-mail to you. 
  5. WE DELIVER THE CAR TO YOUR DOOR. All our lease cars come with full manufacturer warranty and usually Road Tax. We can also arrange to cover servicing and maintenance cost if required. 
  6. YOU NEED TO insure the vehicle, put fuel in it, and maintain the vehicle (or select the optional maintenance package if you prefer) 
  7. YOU PAY the agreed initial rental just prior to delivery of the vehicle and then a monthly direct debit payment. 
  8. AT THE END of your agreement you hand the vehicle back - ITS THAT SIMPLE 

Finding the Right Private Car Lease for You

Using private lease cars can make a great alternative to buying one. It gives you all the benefits of having a car without actually having to own it. Using a private car lease means that you can drive wherever and whenever you want to, and simply requires that you keep the vehicle in the best possible condition. Many people and businesses use private lease cars as they are highly cost-effective and do not require the user to consider the future value of the car, which can be a problem for some. 

Here at CLVR, we have a vast selection of private lease cars to choose from. Our exceptional private car leasing deals offer outstanding value for money, giving you the latest models for the best prices. Private lease cars have been popular amongst companies for many years now, and we can offer a wealth of information and advice on any of our private lease cars.

A Vast Range of Private Lease Cars

As we have a wealth of experience providing private car leasing in the UK, our expert team can help you find the perfect private car leasing deals for your needs. With such a fantastic selection of cars available for you, we are certain that you will be able to find the ideal car for your own or your company's needs. We aim to bring you the best private car leasing deals from our panel of carefully-chosen lease companies. 

We will specifically choose the private car lease company that will give you the best deal on your selected car to ensure you get the best deal you can. Helping you get access to the best private car leasing deals is something we care passionately about, and we aim to bring you the most outstanding private car leasing in the UK. Simply contact our team of knowledgeable staff for any information or advice you may need - we understand that finding private car leasing deals can seem like a difficult task, which is why we have built such a solid reputation.

What Can Our Private Car Leasing Deals Do for You?

For those who are interested in private car leasing, we have an incredible selection of top-line vehicles which offer the very best performance and overall quality. Our exceptional prices are some of the lowest for private car leasing in the UK can be a fantastic option for you or your company, as they offer superb value for money.

Private Car Lease Information and Advice

For any information you may need on any of the most incredible private car leasing in the UK, then feel free to contact our team. We have been providing incredible private car lease deals for years, and can help you find the perfect vehicles for you.