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CLVR for Business

If you need a car for business, then Clvr can save £000's. Our daily updated special offers can save you as much as 40 per cent against regular prices.

So whether you want advice on the cheapest option for your company, are self-employed, or are thinking of opting out of your company car and taking a personal lease car, we can help.

Call us on 0145 247 1000 where one our our advisers will be pleased to discuss and explain the best options available for you.

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See How You Can Save £000's

Leasing for the 1st time?

CLVR make it simple and straight-forward:

  1. GET A QUOTE on your chosen car, you can do this on-line or by phone
  2. COMPLETE A PROPOSAL FORM on-line so we can arrange credit for the required amount.
  3. FINALISE YOUR ORDER: select your colour, any extras etc on the order form we e-mail to you.
  4. CHECK & SIGN THE LEASE AGREEMENT  we e-mail to you.
  5. WE DELIVER THE CAR TO YOUR DOOR. All our lease cars come with full manufacturer warranty and Road Tax. We can also arrange to cover servicing and maintenance cost if required.
  6. YOU NEED TO insure the vehicle, put fuel in it, and maintain the vehicle (or select the optional maintenance package if you prefer)
  7. YOU PAY the agreed initial rental just prior to delivery of the vehicle and then a monthly direct debit payment.
  8. AT THE END of your agreement you hand the vehicle back - ITS THAT SIMPLE


The benefits of business car leasing

Company cars bring something to the table for both businesses and employees, and if you're looking for a great way of providing vehicles then business car leasing could be the way to go.

Business car leasing enables companies to give their employees a vehicle without having to pay for a car outright. They can choose between a variety of makes and models with business lease cars often being the best available, which offers benefits for both the company and the employee. Then, when the business car lease is over there will be an option to extend it or even upgrade to a newer model, ensuring that the business can portray the best possible image at all times.

Opting for business car leasing can be an incredibly cost-effective solution, and there are some great business car leasing deals to be found, meaning that business lease cars don't have to cost a fortune. And, with many business car leasing deals coming complete with maintenance packages, there's no need to worry about things like servicing either, so everything is under control. All you have to do is insure it and put fuel in it, making a business car lease a viable and beneficial option for anyone that wants a company car.

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